Born and raised in Kagawa, Japan, Kiri unwittingly began his hairdressing career when he was nine years old in his mother’s hair salon, sweeping the floor and removing perming rods.  After working in Tokyo hair salons for 10 years, he moved to London in 2005 to pursue his passion in hair styling in the fashion industry.

He strongly believes that one’s personality appears through their hair texture. His basic philosophy is to create soft, effortless hair styles that feels minimalist, yet modern.

Kiri has been inspired by painter Piet Mondrian and sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Reflecting on these artists’ works, he finds joy in the creation process while perfecting the balance and composition of each strand of hair in the photo frame.  

Now, Kiri is based in New York City enhancing his sixth sense everyday. He is applying the skills and techniques acquired over the years, as well as bringing his own unique perspective and easy-going personality to make him a major player in the world of fashion.